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Unlike her namesake, which is brown and fuzzy on the outside and green on the inside, this Kiwi is green in eye only. The rest of her is an artist’s canvas of orange and black patches on a pristine white background. In other words, this Kiwi is a calico.

Born on August 17. 2011, Kiwi is long, tall and lean, and her favorite pastime is playing “chase the laser” with Opal (who is much shorter and more rotund). While the other Cinderella cats choose to ignore their antics, both Kiwi and Opal take it as their personal mission to “kill” that pesky laser light beam, to the great amusement of the Cinderella volunteers. 

Kiwi has been at the Cinderella shelter since she was a tiny baby. She and her brother were found near death in a field. Lucky for them, a mother cat who had been surrendered to CPR agreed to take the two bedraggled kitties as her own and they grew into fine, healthy adults. Kiwi's brother, who was much tamer, was adopted some time ago.

Sadly, Kiwi has never learned to trust humans, even though she’s been treated with nothing but kindness since coming to CPR. She will allow humans to get close, and perhaps tolerate a pet here and there, but, for the most part, she prefers to avoid human contact, so she will most likely spend her entire life in the Cinderella cat room.

You can help us care for cats like Kiwi by volunteering your time, or making a donation to Cinderella. Not all of our cats will find a home, but they will always have a home with us.