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Are you looking for a pure white cat with personality plus? Sugar loves to talk, especially to humans. She's also extremely playful, loving to "attack" her human friends, grabbing on with her front paws and play-fighting. She can sometimes get carried away, and needs a patient person to work with her to discourage her more rambunctious tendencies.

She should probably not go to a home with small children.

The top picture shows Sugar as she now looks, grown up and beautiful, assuming one of her favorite poses! She was born about June 1, 2018, so she still has some growing to do. 

The other pictures, of Sugar as a kitten, demonstrate her curiosity and desire for attention, which are still prominent features of her personality.

Sugar has a lot of love to give to the right person who can shower her with attention and who can spend time getting her settled down. She'll add joy and more than a little "sugar" to your life.