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Mabella is an interesting combination of Weimaraner and Chow, who looks a lot like a golden lab. She has the characteristic Chow black (or blackish) tongue.

She was born in July 2017 and weighs about 40 pounds. She's got a short, sleek coat and is very streamlined.

Mabella isn't used to a leash yet. She likes to be near and hang out with humans and will readily accept treats, but she's not quite sure about those leashes. A patient, loving person can probably show her that leashes can be a good thing---they mean you get to go for a walk!

What Mabella really loves is her little daughter, Midnight Miss, pictured at right, born in January 2020. Her father apparently brought some black lab to the mix. Mother and daughter play happily together and we hope that they can find a loving forever home together.

They may be adopted separately, but, because they are so closely bonded, we're hoping for a loving person with room enough and love enough for them both.

A special discounted rate applies if they are adopted together, so call us today for more information on this great mother/daughter duo.
Mabella's little girl