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Ozzie is beautiful and exotic-looking, somewhat resembling an ocelot. Ozzie was born on October 8, 2009, and has been at Cinderella most of his life, coming in as a kitten. His is an unusual and remarkable story. For years, Ozzie, although never vicious, was completely feral, refusing to let anyone get near him. In spite of being showered with kindness by the Cinderella volunteers, Ozzie never wanted anything to do with two-legged beings.

He was easygoing with the other cats, and the volunteers sometimes called him “Grandpa,” since he seemed the patriarch of the small Cinderella tribe. As cats came and went, Ozzie always stayed behind, since he was untouchable and therefore un-adoptable. Then, a couple of years ago, Ozzie started to tolerate short bouts of petting when he was eating. One by one, volunteers who had been leery of him, began to offer him little touches here and there as well as lots of sweet talk.

Ozzie, who has always had somewhat searching eyes and a quizzical expression, began to accept more physical contact with the volunteers. Within the past few months, volunteers have been able to pick him up without any objection on his part. One of the volunteers was even able to hold him on her lap and pet him. 

We expect that Ozzie will become tamer, and that, eventually, he may be able to have his own forever home. 

Until that day, you can help support this late-blooming pussycat by making a donation to Cinderella. 

Or, call us if you'd like to meet him in person and get to know him.