Cinderella Pet Rescue
        P.O. Box 533, Penitas, TX  78576
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​Parker is a great big handsome cat born on September 28, 2009. He's been with Cinderella since kittenhood but has never become completely tame.

He isn't aggressive by nature, but he has little patience when humans try to interact with him, and has been known to strike out with a paw, if peeved.

He's still rather charming, with a somewhat rakish, devil-may-care appearance and the teeniest little kitten meow.

He gets along with the other cats in the cat room, but mostly does his own thing, which consists mainly of lying around being cute.

If you'd like to meet Parker in person give us a call.  Or you may make a donation, which we would greatly appreciate, to help him maintain his indolent lifestyle!